Our Company

A Benefit Corporation

Benefit Corporations are a new class of corporation that...
  • creates a material positive impact on society and the environment;
  • expands fiduciary duty to require consideration of non-financial interests when making decisions; and 
  • reports on its overall social and environmental performance using recognized third party standard
Since 2003 our goal has been to create and/or save living wage jobs in low-income communities.

Client Benefits

  • Transition of ownership to ensure a company’s future in a community
  • Find credit for expansion, growth or restructuring
  • Save company taxes by uncovering little known tax credits and other benefits for inner city firms
  • Provide advisory services ranging from real estate acquisition to corporate valuation to leasehold financing
  • Help companies tell their story effectively to lenders, investors and local government

Our Mission

  • We help private companies create and save jobs in Southern California urban communities through the creative use of government incentives
  • Our clients are typically profit driven  small companies that seek to grow, transition ownership or incorporate increased social responsibility into their mission
  • We find our clients tax credits, affordable loans, grants or other subsidies that help them create and keep jobs in our community

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